Although it is very easy and most often enjoyable for most of us to equip and decorate our living space, when the time comes to decorate our little ones' quarters that task often turns out to be harder than most of us expect. There is much to take into consideration and the needs of children in terms of shapes, colors and materials that surround them are much different than for the adults.

However, it is actually not that hard. There are few simple rules to follow and that is it – you can do pretty much whatever you think your kid will like. All that matters is that it is functional, pleasant and your little ones like it. Here are some simple tips on how to shape an inspiring, productive and exciting environment for your kids.

Mix it up with the colors

Kids need bright, vibrant colors that complement their restless nature and high energy levels. However, simply painting the room bright red won't do it, as strong colors tend to be overwhelming. Warmer colors are considered energizing, while the cold ones have a calming effect. You will need to find a balance of colors like blue and green with orange or red,or the room will feel too aggressive. The best way to start is to pick two main colors, a warm one and a cold one. The choice of paint on each wall should depend on the position of the bed, the desk and the organization of space intended for different activities. Warmer colors stimulate the mind and the body and should be prevalent in the studying or playing area, while there needs to be some calmer coloration around the bed.

Use the Blackboard

It is uncanny how much kids enjoy scribbling on the walls. It is simply in their nature, so why not make it a rule? A big blackboard on the wall will ignite your kids' imagination. They will get a great vent and a way to express themselves, and the fact they will be able to change their living space themselves with just chalk will make themlove their room all that more. Or you can be creative and consider another great innovation – custom sticky note table.

Artistic is the way to go

Drawing is the most natural way for kids to express themselves at a very young age and many of them continue to do so well into their teens. They are instinctively fascinated with different shapes, patterns and colors, so give them something nice to look at by making a small exhibition on the wall. It doesn't have to be expensive. Actually, you can just put up their drawings, photographs of whatever you think is appropriate. Don't put anything too valuable, as your child will hate the fact he or she has to be careful around it.


Pattern it up

Patterns are a simple and a very effective means of spicing up any space and breaking the monotony of symmetrical, rectangular shapes. There are plenty of techniques at your disposal, including having wallpapers made to your specifications and printing any pattern you can think of on just about any material.

Mind the Shapes

Having too much rectangular or too much rounded objects and shapes can visually shrink any given room and simply make it unpleasant. If your child has a rectangular bed, pair it up with an oval carpet and/or oval desk or a closet to make them complement each other.

Old school, please

Making something by hand or buying a handmade item will add a touch of warmth and character to the room, suppressing the seriousness and cold industrial precision woven into much of contemporary furniture and household items. You will be surprised at the extent that such an item can change the overall impression. The best way to go about it is DIY-style with your little ones.


Separate the space

It is advisable to find a way of separating parts of the room depending on their purpose. This can be achieved through the use of colors, specific decorations or placing the furniture so different parts of the room have a certain atmosphere. The idea is to help the kids separate their studying from playing space and to be able to instinctively engage the necessary mode of operation depending on the part of the room they are in.


Don't fear experimenting with older items and try to find a new purpose for those pieces you have tucked away somewhere in the attic or the garage because they do not fit in but they're still too good to be thrown away. For example, an old, wooden trunk can become a great nightstand, and bamboo floor or window treatment can be turned into a wall decoration.

Stripe it

Painting one wall, usually the one behind the bed, in vertical or horizontal stripes will add flavor to the room and visually expand it. Use more than two colors and don't fear adding additional decorations on top of the striped pattern, as it can only make the wall stand out even more.

Create interactive surfaces

Kids need a balanced, pleasant living space, but they want only to interact with just about everything around them. Offer them plenty of ways to do so by putting magnetic boards, cork, wood or anything that enables them some form of interaction on flat surfaces, especially closets. Remember that a flat, bland surface sticks like a sore thumb in child's eyes and enable them to change that with little effort.

If you respect a few simple rules regarding coloring, your can have a blast while decorating your kids' room. You will connect with your inner child in no time, which is in a way necessary in order to make the most of the space and money you have at your disposal.

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