Rock n’ Roll Bedroom

You all know how much we love our themed bedrooms– Well today we came across the perfect bedroom for the rock n' roll teen, who needs to amp up their bedroom style. This modern bedroom design seamlessly incorporates a music theme with a contemporary style. The part of this bedroom that caught our eye was the strong attention to detail, with a set of perfectly coordinated accessories to fit the theme. The guitars, pianos, chords and headphones are put together to portray the perfectly styled rock look!

This bedroom is designed with the colors red white and deep gray, but these could easily be substituted to fit any personality– replace the red with another bright color to give the same pop of color, or replace it with another neutral tone to keep things edgy! This bedroom incoporates everyday music objects in new and creative ways, giving the overall bedroom a very unique look that's easy to replicate! As you can see, a keyboard is used above the headboard, a guitar as wall decor, and music notes as decal. Take a few of these ideas and add in your own for the best customized look! Check out the photos below of the rock bedroom that we've been raving about, and get inspired for your next design.

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