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Over the course of this blog, we’ve shared with you a million color tips for room décor, from which colors look best together, which will make your room look larger to which will complement your personality. This time instead of telling you which colors you should go for to satisfy your needs, we’re gonna share some helpful tips in shading when you already have the color in mind! If you’re one of the many people who’s made the choice to paint a room but can’t commit to the exact color yet, keep reading for a few tricks that’ll help you out in the big decision!


Most people like to go with the neutral colors when painting a room, so we’ll start with this. The first way to tell if the color is what you want is to compare it to a blank canvas. Keep this in mind when picking paint swatches each time you find a color you like, take home a blank white swatch with it (or just use a blank piece of paper)! Once you get home, this will give you a good base to contrast it against so you’ll know exactly what color you’re looking at. This will allow you to decipher any hidden undertones in the neutral color that you don’t realize are there in the small swatch.

Another helpful hint while working with neutrals is to stay clear of the beige-on-beige boredom! Keep your current furniture in mind while painting, or the furniture you’ll be replacing it with. Dull neutrals look amazing against deep brown furniture, or nice leather accents.

Remember this rule: any color you find in wine looks amazing with neutral walls. They all give the perfect contrast or add the perfect touch of color. Just find your accent color and match it up with the ideal wall for a completely customized neutral look that can fit any room and personality.


Gray walls have been all the trend lately, and it's clear why! The darker grays look stunning against a bright white contrast, and lighter colors give a soft edge to any color palette. This could work for any color you choose, but it seems to be a key component of finding the perfect shade of gray– think back to the thing that inspired you to want gray walls. Whatever it was, let that inspiration help you pick your shades and decorate the room! Just find other things that inspire you to go along with your gray, and soon enough you'll have the picture perfect bedroom in mind!

Many people think gray won't complement any warm toned colors– wrong! Gray can be too cold and blah without any browns or yellows to go along. Adding natural accents give the room a cozier feel that'll look great against all shades.


Keep colors from going to flat by matching them with a couple shades lighter and darker. Your walls don't always have to match exactly, and neither does the decor! Shading will really help bring character and dimension into any room– so keep this in mind when choosing your paint.

Natural lighting makes all bright colors look better. A dark room can wash out the colors and make them drab, but if you're room is full of light– don't be afraid to go bright! This is just a simple idea that might save you later when you're looking back at that room you just spent hours painting.

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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