Living with the Earth

Why Bamboo you ask? What does it bring to the interior design table? Bamboo has been trending in popular culture not only due to its earthly appeal, but its aesthetic appeal as well. This green plant creates a breathing, living, barrier that has multiple valuable applications.

Room Dividers

Screens, Screens, Screens!  These have an earthy appeal that can divide anything from a studio apartment for privacy, to a large room in a house or a private bedroom. The bamboo looks wonderful with the Epoch design furniture. Need to divide your kids’ room, half sleep, half play? The perfect solution!



Speaking of Epoch Design furniture did you know we carry furniture expertly crafted out of sustainable solid bamboo? See our Nara collection pictured below and visit our Niko collection. The traditional craftsmanship and bold lines leave the room feeling tranquil and green.



Who knew bamboo could reduce traffic noise. City dwellers get in line; you have found an eco-friendly solution to your noise machine!

Feng Shui

Use the lucky Bamboo to create an environment that has the best energy for the activities your space is intended for. To completely utilize the Feng Shui way:

  • Step 1. Clear your clutter!
  • Step 2. Generate good air and light.
  • Step 3. Place your bamboo!

artistic kids rooms

Random Fact…..Food

Now that’s a surprise! Bamboo is good for the stomach by harvesting the shoots and adding them to dishes for a flavorful and crunchy texture.

artistic kids rooms

Image credit: Natural Bamboo Divider/SFXIT.

Image credit: Nara Collection/Epochbydesign.

Image credit: Interior Design/Radiodelmar.

Image credit: Bamboo Shoot/Flickr.

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