GI Jungle Bedroom

For all of you with a GI Toddler or Jungle Kid, here’s the ultimate bedroom survival guide for you. We’re going to show you how to transform your troop’s boring bedroom into a fortress fit for even the most adventurous, brave little guys. He is sure to love coming home to a room filled with army green, perfect for their favorite action figures. Give him his own jungle to roam and explore everyday in the comfort of his own home!

So we all know that little ones love to climb things. Whether it’s a playset or furniture, there’s just no stopping one who’s born to move. Reaching the top just seems to be the peak of their adventure! Give him the satisfaction of climbing up to bed with a space saving loft bed. This one‘s great because it comes in a couple of finishes and has a study area, dresser, and full sized bed all in one! Talk about maximizing space… Your little army guy will love the adventure of crawling to the top every night and he will have his own private lookout spot.

A bed is never complete without its decor (even when the bed’s as cool as this one)! So don’t forget to dress it up in camouflage covers — the perfect colors to set your scheme. Bonus– It’s reversible for a more mature look but still keeping the same GI Jungle feel! Another tricky way to add a base camp feel to the room, decorative netting! Put a creative use to this fishing net and tuck it into the base of your bed, letting it hang off the edge of the loft. This is the perfect way to give the study space a little privacy, and add a unique look to the theme!

Add a little more camo to the room, without making it permanent. These camouflage rugs are perfect for bringing the theme into the floor too! They tie together the look of the room without overdoing it! For a more subtle look, go with a plain mossy green rug instead. This will still look good with the theme but won’t be too matchy-matchy.

Of course a bunker isn’t a bunker until you fill it with hooks for all your achievements. Pick up easy-install hooks and hinges for the walls and doors, and hang all your achievements, weapons (fake ones of course…), or even dart boards from! We love the look of messy items hanging from the walls, but still remaining clutter free! Even these cheap kids army helmets hung from a hook would look great with GI Jungle decor!

Give us your tips on an Army themed bedroom below!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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