#EpochDesignSpringDreams Winner

The #EpochDesignSpringDreams contest has come to a close today, as the closest contest we've ever had! Katrina Knapp took the win with a whopping 1,069 votes across the social media platforms as well as comments!

All of our finalists did a phenominal job rallying the troops to gather those votes, and it came down to the wire between Katrina and Mic!

Thank you to all who participated in both pinning and voting, and making this a successful few weeks. We love the ideas that you sent us for your Spring Dream Bedroom, and we hope you were inspired as well! Be on the lookout for more contests and giveaways in the future, and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Screenshot from Katrina's board 5:00 pm PST:

(3 comments), katrina-k-3.png


laura weaver

Posted by laura weaver

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