Enhance Your Kid’s Room with Delightful Nursery Design Ideas

As a new parent, planning your baby's nursery can be one of the most fun and rewarding home improvement projects you will ever undertake. It can also feel like a daunting task if you're not sure where to begin. With a few easy tips and tricks, you can design a delightful space for your child without breaking the bank. If you want to create maximum impact for minimal investment, think overhead, underfoot, and walls. Once you've taken care of those three things, you can spend the remainder of your budget on other details.


One great way to enhance the overall feel of your child's space is by investing in child-friendly overhead lighting and ceiling fans. No matter what theme or style of nursery decor you've chosen, you will probably be able to find complimentary overhead lighting. Designers have become incredibly creative with whimsical lighting for nurseries, with everything from flowers to airplanes making an appearance on the ceilings of kid's rooms. Because lighting isn't cheap, it is best to choose a theme that will grow with your child, rather than one that is only appropriate for babies and toddlers.

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Long gone are the days of area rug options that consist only of solid colors or patterns that are pleasing to the adult eye. Children's area rugs are readily available. You'll find area rugs that coordinate with all of the most popular nursery themes and cartoon characters, as well as dozens of interactive play rug options. Play rugs are a great way to encourage your child's imaginative play, providing a fun and interactive setting when they're playing with their favorite toys. These rugs have themes like farms, dollhouses, cities and towns, construction sites, castles, and forests. One of the great things about play rugs is that they can be enjoyed by children for years, as imaginative play begins in the toddler years and typically continues well into the elementary school years.

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Painting is expensive, and if you're renting, your options might be limited. This doesn't mean that your child's walls have to be bland and boring, though! There are thousands of adorable and easy to use wall adhesives on the market these days. If you can dream it up, chances are high that you will be able to find it. Be sure to look for decals that specifically mention that they are non-marring and won't damage or discolor paint upon removal.

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Another great way to add color and personality to your child's walls is with window treatments. Choose a thematic print or a solid color that can transition easily from one style of room decor to the next. Curtains are easy to switch out as your child grows and his or her interests and taste become more sophisticated.

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With coordinating overhead light fixtures, rugs, window treatments, and wall decor, you can create an interior design magazine-worthy nursery for your little one. Even if your efforts appear to be less than perfect to you, remember that through your child's eyes it will still be magical.

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