Clever Ideas For Re-Purposed Storage

5 Ideas To Make Your Home Clutter Free

Some people have a lot of stuff but not enough space to keep it! Are you one of them?

Many items around the house can actually be repurposed and you can cut the clutter. Here are 5 clever ideas for repurposed storage:

1. Stack your magazines into a writing desk:

Sounds impossible? Not really. Books and magazines are great, but if you are a silverfish, it's only a matter of time before these paperback institutions start posing a storage problem. Here's a very simple solution. Stack all your books and magazines together and tie them up with a good-looking waist belt. The fat ones (2 inches or more in diameter) usually look best. Proper organization (based on color and size) is the key to success here.

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2. Turn your ice cube trays into paper clip holders:

Almost every house has a couple of spare ice cube trays that are no longer welcome into the freezer. Don't throw them away – you can de-clutter your work desk by neatly organizing your paper clips, staples, pins and erasers etc. into those spare ice cube trays.
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3. Turn your old rake into a costume jewelry hanger:

This one's easy. If you have an old rake waiting to make its way into the trash can, you can simply clean it up with soapy water and hang it from a nail on your wardrobe door. You can just hang all your costume jewelry from the hooks. This could also be used for hanging scarves and belts etc. For more ideas on how to re-purpose old rakes click here.
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4. Turn your wooden boxes into a storage tower:

Pick up all those wooden boxes stacked in your garage corner and create a small pyramid by placing short and wide boxes at the bottom and the smaller ones at the top. Just make sure the entire structure is symmetrical and properly balanced. The next step is to join all the boxes together using “L” brackets and screws from the hardware store. Voila! You have an interesting bookcase/storage tower adorning your library. If you want a mobile storage unit, you could just add a couple of castor wheels to the unit. For more ideas on how to re-purpose wooden boxes click here.
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5. Turn your luggage into a bedside table:

Your luggage is your best friend when on holidays, but for the rest of the year, they are almost always stored in hard to reach places because they take up a lot of space. You cannot turn your big suitcase into a bedside table by just placing it on a rectangular wooden frame mounted on furniture legs. You can get them easily from your hardware store. Use this as your bedside table – your seasonal clothes and costly linens could go inside the box and your favorite magazines and bedside plant could sit over it.

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