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Nobody likes cleaning up a messy house, and it can take all day to do! Cleaning the house is a messy chore that has to be done every once in a while– there's no avoiding it! Even though we can't give you advice that will allow you to avoid cleaning completely, we can come up with a few tips and tricks that helps you spend the least amount of time possible on these household duties. Each of these tips will help you get that back-to-school cleaning list done in no time. Keep on reading if you're interested in cutting down your chore time!{C}

  • Break up the chores: Nobody likes spending an entire day cleaning! If you have a two story home, break up the 1st and 2nd floor for 2 different days. If it's all on one floor, just separate the chores by room. This will help you stay motivated to get the cleaning done, and give you some down time in between as your little reward! Reserve some extra time for the areas that really need help, like a basement or attic.
  • Bathroom helpers: To help you out with quick bathroom cleaning duties, store a spray bottle with all-in-one surface cleaner and a roll of sturdy paper towels under the sink. You can never go wrong having these guys around, so when it does come time to clean up a mess, you won't have to go running around looking for the right supplies!
  • Keep the kitchen organized: Having a place for anything and everything is a great way to save you time when cleaning things out. Store your most used utensils in easy reach from the appliances they correspond with to save you cooking time and potential messes! It can't hurt to keep a spray bottle around filled with a solution of one part bleach to four parts water or an all-purpose spray cleaner in the kitchen for cleaning after meals.
  • Recruit some help: For those harder jobs, like window cleaning, hire a professional to help you out once a year. Not only does this reduce stress on your part, but its a safer alternative than trying to climb to reach those high places. Hiring a gutter or roof cleaner in the fall is another nice treat to yourself. Choose bonded and insured services that you've gotten at least 2 referrals for, to eliminate the companies you won't want to work with.
  • Clean closets: You'd be surprised at how much time having an in-closet organizer will save you in the long run. Having a specific place or section to keep all your winter wear and shoes will definitely cut down on chore time, and keep you organized all year long. Look into getting storage bins and hanging organizers for your shared closets, to keep other family members from rifling around in your stuff!
  • Cleaning central: If your cleaners have more than one purpose, keep them all in one spot. Having an organized closet or set of shelves just for cleaning supplies, can help cut down time looking around for those missing spray bottles. Wherever you do end up keeping these chemicals, make sure to keep them away from kids!

Hopefully a few of these tips will help you out for your next cleaning day, let us know what you think below! If you try to stay away from the harsher chemical store-bought cleaners, check out are list of homemade DIY cleaners here.

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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