Beautiful, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Bamboo Furniture

We've been making beautiful bamboo furniture for a while now but are continuosly amazed at how sturdy and durable this green material is. Bamboo is not technically a wood but actually a grass. But this grass is tough as nails. In fact bamboo is stronger than steel. In some parts of the world bamboo is frequently used to construct buildings. Because it is a grass, bamboo can grow as much as 10 times faster than hardwoods but is still 3 times as hard as oak. The speed that it grows at makes it one of the most sustainable and green materials available.

But our bamboo beds, dressers, nightstands, media consoles and mirrors are not only a great choice for environmental reasons but also because they look so nice too. The gorgeous grain of the bamboo fibers create a stunning visual element for your bedroom decor. The natural lines also do an amazing job of concealing any scratches, dings, or blemishes.


The way that commercial bamboo is processed for use in furniture production is that the fibers are made maleable and then manipulated and joined with other fibers. You can see how there are layers formed when viewing the plank from the side (the checkered pattern adds its own beautiful detail doesn't it?). This layering helps add to the strength of an already very strong material in bamboo. It is much like how layering can turn regular plastic polymers into bullet proof Kevlar.


It is because of all of these facts that we are so proud of our Niko and Nara bamboo furniture collections. We would love for more people to experience the extreme high quality of our bamboo furniture. Please feel free to email us at to request a free bamboo "wood" sample (you know it's a grass now but it is still referred to as a wood sample). It really might be the most perfect material for furniture.


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