A Charlie Brown Bedroom

Everyone loves a good Peanuts comic strip, or Charlie Brown TV special, so we thought this would be an adorable way to theme your room! This creative look is something your visitors are sure to take note of. Get this unique style in your bedroom, or surprise your kids with a room makeover! Either way, this is a theme you'll want to check out. Keep reading for our advice on creating this bedroom masterpiece!{C}

To capture the true feeling of everyone's favorite Peanut character, give the walls his personality! With a base of white, give the walls the iconic black zig-zag, add a quote you love, and your walls are Peanut-ified! If you've got a kid in the house bold enough for this creative theme, this is a gorgeous look!

To make the walls even better, start saving and cutting out the Peanuts comic strips months in advance. When the walls are all painted and ready to go, collage them on a large poster board and place it as a focal point to the look. This artsy touch will give any guest a place for their eyes to wander. If you're walls are still looking blank to you, hang Charlie Brown posters at crooked angles to give the cartoon feel that ties the theme together.

This theme is so bold that the furniture should be simple. Black or deep brown wood will complement the walls very nicely, which is why we recommend a dresser like this with a simple design in a rubbed black color. We love this whole collection's look against the black and yellow walls. This is the perfect combination of furniture to embody a Charlie Brown themed room!

Don't forget Peanuts comic strip bedding! Check out this one here for a look that will bring together the comic strip border throughout the entire room. You could also use bedding to match Charlie's shirt! Just add a few Peanuts character stuffed animals and collectibles to the room for the finishing touch.

We hope you like the Charlie Brown themed room! Leave us suggestions for themed rooms in the comments below!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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