50 Shades of Grey Mood Board – Grey Toned Bedroom Design

Some people find grey to be boring. But for some reason if you have 50 shades of grey it suddenly becomes very exciting. People are all worked up over the book and movie of 50 Shades of Grey and so it has kind of sort of inspired this latest mood board. This interior design idea board is all about staying within the grey tonal scale. The "wow" factor actually stems from the monotone nature of the room. As a nod to the book and movie the mood board contains a grey leather bonded chair, a grey chain patterned rug, a rope light, and even grey candle holders(to contain the hot wax).


The Verona Storage Bed might be a good option for this bedroom. Ample storage to keep things hidden away that you might want to keep hidden away. Or perhaps the Parkrose Bed that has a headboard that you could tie something to. If you are into that sort of thing. Just keep in mind that our limited lifetime warranty might not cover damages from "peculiar activities". Have fun but please be safe…

The Verona Storage Bed

Full Parkrose Bed - solid wood platform bed

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