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Fan Design ContestWe did it! That’s right, we reached 1,000 Facebook fans! Of course, we needed every single one of you to accomplish this – Every “like” and comment you share with us helps us decide how to move forward, and now it’s our turn to thank you.

If you’ve been around these parts for awhile, you know how this goes. Every week we find as many opportunities as possible to give back to our community and host giveaways. In addition, we try to share creative inspiration for decorating rooms, DIY projects, and even simple household solutions. After reaching this milestone of 1,000 fans, we want to combine these activities by not only giving you the opportunity to get any item of Epoch Design furniture for free, but to share your creativity with us!

This contest is open to anyone in the Continental US, and the prize is chosen by you! Whatever item the winner chooses will be shipped directly to their house completely free – no hauling your item home involved! The prize is brand new, direct from our warehouse to your home. Excited yet? Keep reading to find out exactly how to enter!

For those of you who just happened to stumble across this competition, welcome to the Epoch Design family! We want to share our secret with you, but for that you’ll have to stick around. As long as you check out our Facebook page and blog, we promise this won’t be your last chance to win! Suffice it to say, we are frequently able to offer new furniture for FREE (everyone’s favorite 4-letter word). All we ask for in return is a little LOVE (another good 4-letter word). Just in the past few months, we’ve been able to offer dozens of kids and adult bedroom collections to families across the country, so stick around for even more opportunities!

How to Enter: Now we’re getting to the part that you all want to hear– how exactly can you bring yourself closer to this fabulous prize? It’s simple, we want you to share with us your dream room. On our blog we’ve shared dozens of themed room decorating guides, so help us out and show us what you want! Write up a simple paragraph or even a blog post describing your dream room in as little or as much detail as you like, and share it with us on our Facebook page! Post a link to the blog on our wall, or post a picture that inspired you along with your dream room description. For those of you up for a challenge, get creative with it and create a Pintrest board to reflect your room linking back to our site, or put together a mash-up of photos to look like your dream room. The only guideline we have for your dream room is to include one piece of furniture from one of our collections and include the title “Epoch Design Dream Design Contest” with a link back to this post; this way we not only get a better feel for your taste in furniture, but we know which piece to send you if you win! From all the entries you send us, we’ll compile the top 5 on a blog post, and the rest is up to you! We’ll shift the power to our readers, and open voting will decide who’s dream room captures the most attention!

Are you excited yet? Well to get you a little more inspired, here are some potential prizes you could be choosing from!

Dream Design

The Prize: Any item by Epoch Design, shipped from our warehouse to your home.

To Enter: Submit your entry via email (giveaways@epochbydesign.com) or by uploading to our Facebook Wall. Your Dream Room entry should include the item you would like, and any other creative inspiration you feel compelled to share. Your entry can be text and a photo, a blog post, a Pinterest board, or whatever you feel is appropriate. It should include the title Epoch Design Dream Design Contest and link back to this post.

How to Win: We will select the top 5 entries and then compile them in a blog post. Open voting by our readers will determine the winner.

Deadline: Submit your entry by Sunday, July 1.

Official Contest Rules

Please feel free to e-mail us at giveaways@epochbydesign.com with any questions. Good luck, and get creative!

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