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We’ve given you multiple solutions to a boring paint job on walls, but sometimes our kids’ rooms are trickier…They don’t want a grand piece of artwork in their bedroom, and painting something on might encourage them to do the same. What if you had a wall to show off and display everything your restless tots are proud of, another where they could draw freely and it’ll all be erased by their next drawing session, and one that permanently replaces your well-worn night light? Too good to be true? Well check out these wild wall paints!

Glow in the Dark Walls. It may not seem like a big deal now, but to a kid, they’re the coolest thing ever. Being able to spray paint your own designs on the wall with a glow in the dark spray paint allows room for creativity to be enjoyed for years. All their friends will be begging their parents to have their rooms glow in the dark after their next sleep over!

Chalkboard Walls. In our opinion chalkboard walls look great in any bedroom. The color seems to match every color scheme out there, and it allows kids to be creative in a space where they normally have only rules. Use chalkboard paint to cover a framed section of their bedroom, or even an entire wall! Having dedicated kid space to draw on all over is great, and hey, maybe it’ll keep your child from adding to your hand painted mural in the living room!

Magnetic Walls. Posting grades and drawings to your fridge seemed like a good idea with your last clunky refrigerator, but with your new stainless steel appliance you might want to leave off the extras. However, you don’t have to hide all the artwork. Instead, give your kids an entire wall to show off their high scores and artwork masterpieces using magnetic paint! It’ll be fun for them to hang their own treasures and it will be the envy of all their neighborhood pals!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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