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At Epoch Design we are always trying to solve problems. It's why our bunk beds are some of the safest on the market and it's why we deviated from furniture to create the best locking mailbox out there. Right now we're trying to make the process of buying furniture online as pleasant as it can be.

We just recently updated our website to try and make navigating our products and collections easier. We wanted to put some of our favorite products front and center so that you can find them more easily. We've made some minor tweeks to the checkout process to make it a bit faster while still maintaining the security that is important for online transactions. Our instructions are frequently being updated to be easier to understand and follow. We try to add animated GIF's to better illustrate how some of our products work. Our blog frequently addresses questions that we hear fairly often, like when we answered questions about platform beds and warranties. The blog also strives to help you with design inspiration for your home decor. Our warranty hopefully helps ease some concerns over online purchasing as well.

All of what we do is trying to make your experience once you are on the Epoch Design website to be enjoyable and easier. We are always looking to answer the right questions. And because of that, we always (ALWAYS!) want to hear feedback from you about our products, our website, our customer service, and anything we can possibly do to make your experience with us better. We know that buying furniture online can be a difficult process. We want to make that process less difficult. If you want to talk to a live person to answer your questions give us a call. If you want a wood sample to see the color or wood type in person then just let us know. If you just want to call us to let us know that 10 years later you still love your bed, we'd love to hear from you.

We, at Epoch Design, try to utilize a lot of the modern technologies to make your shopping experience quicker, safer, and overall better. But despite all the changes in technology we're still just a family owned business that would love to talk to you about products that we're very proud of.

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