Winter 2011 Home Décor Trends

Now that’s it’s November, and we’re in full-swing fall, it’s time to get ahead! Only a few short weeks until we hit the winter season, so get prepared early with these home décor trends perfect for Winter 2011! Don’t let the frosty weather get you down, and decorate for the holiday season with these warm colors and themes for the perfect snowy environment. If you don’t live in an area that gets this winter frost bite, this is an even better way to celebrate the season! Keep reading so you can deck the halls this year with our favorite winter trends!

For a traditional way to warm up the seasonal décor in your house, fill it with candles! Any round candle (with your favorite holiday scent) bundled up in a square candle holder like these get the modern ice cube look that looks great in any room! You can’t go wrong with the sleek glass cubes, and nothing makes the house seem warmer than your favorite winter scent wafting through the halls.

What color reminds us all of this frosty time of year? White! White walls, white furniture, and white accents are a huge trend this time of year! We absolutely adore the white on white look for these cooler months. It may seem a little bland , but paired with the right decorations, it’s a bold trend that’ll fit everyone’s taste! Check out the Dakota Collection for some gorgeous white furniture that will be stunning against a stark white wall. For a big impact on this white-out trend, look for a white chandelier. This one we found is absolutely beautiful, and would give the perfect winter floral flair to any room!

Now if white on white isn’t exactly your favorite trend this month, drift towards the warmer colors. This classic winter favorites are a great way to add some holiday cheer into your home! Warm browns, reds, tans, and greens look great together this time of year. What better way to keep the house nice and toasty than these cozy colors? Find a good table runner that fits your style with all these colors, and your holiday meal will have a nice place to sit! With these colors in mind, we love to seem them paired with deep brown wood. Check out the Pacifica Collection if this is something you’re interested in!

For the last of our favorite Winter 2011 trends, mirrors.  There are an endless selection of styles for these gorgeous accents, and a million more ways to utilize them! As simple as they appear to be, we love the idea of playing with mirrors for reflecting light back and forth, and they look great with any colors and any theme. Not only are these beautiful pieces quite the lookers, but they can make a small room appear larger than it really is!

We hope some of you have been inspired by the trends we’ve picked up on, and would love to see your take on the look! Post pictures to our Facebook page or leave us a comment below, and have a happy holiday season!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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