WINNER! McKenzie Bunkbed in Ohio goes to…

WOW, this was such a popular giveaway!!! Thank you soooo much to everyone who entered. We are honored to have the opportunity to give away our furniture to deserving families across the nation.

If you weren’t the lucky winner this time, please stay connected with us here and on Facebook, because we are able to offer giveaways all over the country quite often!

Back to business… To select the winner, we compiled all of the entries in Excel and used the Random Number Generator at picked 68.

And the winner is…….


Amy wrote in:

Oh my this is awesome – thank you for offering the giveaway! We would gladly rehome this lovely bunk bed for our 5 year old who has way-overgrown her toddler bed, but we just haven’t found one that we like. She is crazy for a bunk bed and would FLIP OUT!

Congratulations, Amy! We hope your daughter loves her brand new McKenzie Twin Bunkbed!

Thank you to everyone for participating! Please do stay connected with us here and on Facebook, as we will continue to “rehome” new furniture as it becomes available.

laura weaver

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