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We’re launching a new weekly blog feature that we are calling, “What We Would Want Wednesday”. Every Wednesday we are going to share a collection of design elements that would go together in our ideal home (for that week). The design elements might be furniture but could also be artwork, color schemes, a rug, or maybe even an architectural design. We are excited to share some ideas with you that might make our world even more beautiful.

Installment #1: A Lakeside Cottage

First of all, and it doesn’t have to be Wednesday, what we would want would be a lakeside cottage. We’re imagining a little place for getaways that would be cozy enough for a romantic weekend but versatile enough to fit the whole family for a summer vacation.

This simple kitchen below really brings to mind quality family time around the kitchen table – like in the old days. It’s homey, cute, and a perfect fit for our cottage. There is just enough cabinet space to keep things well organized but you aren’t going to need all of your kitchen gadgets and gizmos since this is vacation!

Rustic Country Kitchen


We’d be willing to deal with one bathroom in the whole cottage if it looked like the one below! An important piece in any good getaway home is a big tub. Take advantage of that beautiful view with tons of windows even in your bathroom. The white tile just makes everything seem so fresh and clean (hopefully it isn’t too hard to keep it that way).

The added extras in this crisp white subway-tiled bath are what make it worth a second look. The apple green accents on the towels and bathmat bring the whole look together and prove that style doesn't have to come at an extravagant cost.


Play up the rustic aspect of the cottage. Show off the wood beams if you have them like in the cottage below. You don’t have to place the furniture in a circle around the fireplace but try to position furniture so that it’s all near enough to the fire. Day beds are great pieces of furniture because they can double as sleeping spots for guests. A twin bed makes a great day bed as well. These days, deer heads are really popular wall pieces. Most don’t have real dear heads, like the one below, and reinforce that rustic vibe but in a modern way.

cozy cottage living room


Make use of the corners! This little corner of the main room takes advantage of some beautiful natural light and is again another opportunity to place a piece of furniture that doubles as a seating and sleeping area. The one below looks like it might even have a trundle bed option.

time of the aquarius via houseandhold.com


You can probably tell by now that we are loving white for this lake house. It really just creates a wide open feel – almost like an extension of the outside. The bedroom below is nice and cozy and looks like one that you could hideaway in if you need some seclusion. The shelving is great for storage and to showcase some decorative pieces. A big bed with some fluffy bedding – that is what a vacation bedroom revolves around.

Hill Country Modern Bedroom

The mudroom below is a great feature for a lakeside cottage (we’d paint it white though). If you see the fish jumping you can easily grab a pole and head out there. It’s a great way to keep the house tidy too. Something like this would help too.


So, that’s the first feature for #WhatWeWouldWantWednesday. I sure wish I had a home like this one. Have any great ideas that would go great in this lakeside cottage? Let us know!

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