What is a Trundle Bed? – Your Space Saving Secret Weapon

Rising house prices mean that space is becoming a premium, and expensive, commodity. Lets face it, a whole entire room for hosting friends or family isn’t always an option for households. What about when each of the kids wants to have their very own sleepover?

Enter the Trundle Bed, your secret weapon for fitting in an extra bed without needing an extra room.

Cameron Hardwood Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is simply a separate compartment that both holds a mattress, and resides under a bed frame or bunk bed. The trundle can be easily rolled out when an extra bed is required! Throw a pillow on top, a blanket to curl up in and voila, sleeping

Historic black inventor David Fisher's 1876 patent
The first furniture casters were patented in 1876 by David Fisher

Fun fact – the name for the trundle bed (also called a truckle bed or low bed) comes from the trundles, or casters, that were attached to the feet so that it could be pushed under the master bed when it was not in use. The bed was originally intended for servants, who used to sleep in their employer’s room so as to be near at hand. 

Perfect for sleepover parties!

Trundle beds are great for kids, teens or overnight guests. They provide an inexpensive and space saving way have a spare or guest room right at your fingertips, without having to deal with lugging an air mattress out of the closet and the hassle of inflating it!

Safe for kids, this bedroom space saving hack is a fun, cool and easy way to convert the unused space beneath the bed frame into a hideaway bed on wheels. Adding to its versatility, the Trundle Bed can also be used for storage, as it’s easy design makes everyday use a breeze.

Trundle beds, the affordable way to have a daybed just a roll away. And with no headboard required!

Speaking of Trundle Beds, we have some great ones!

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