Watermelon Bedroom Decor – Interior Design Inspiration

Today, August 3rd, is National Watermelon Day. I'm sure you knew that already though right? The watermelon is surprisingly nutritious considering it is mostly water and is so delicious. But it isn't for health reasons that so many people love this fruit. It is practically a symbol of summer. The refreshing nature of a nice cold piece of watermelon is tough to beat and it also happens to be a very aesthetically pleasing fruit. The soft pastel red that is polka dotted with black seeds and bordered by a beautiful green make for a stunning combination of colors that work to transform any boring deecor into a fun and inviting bedroom design. 


This color combo works great with our bamboo furniture as shown by one of our great Epoch Design customer's Claudia:


So go out there and eat some watermelon and then redecorate your home! #nationalwatermelonday

ngoc cao

Posted by ngoc cao

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