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We’ve all made the mistake of using too much color or pattern on a wall and just thought, yikes. Without a complicated wall mural or an overdose of wallpaper, people give up on the creativity of their walls. It doesn’t always have to be too busy or too boring! Try a few of our ideas to give your wall a brighter eye-catching appearance without over doing it!

  • Color blocking is a great trend for fashion this year, and homes too! Use this trend on your wall by creating stripes with painters tape. A thick stripe chest-level on the wall is a unique touch– offset the larger stripe with 2 smaller white ones.
  • Stencil in an inspirational quote that’ll engage you, and your visitors! Pick a unique font that fits the style of the room but will add another perspective to the room. This is great for children’s bedrooms too!
  • Frame black and white pictures. Use your own memories and blow them up in a variety of sizes with the black and white effect for a sophisticated twist. Framing and matting them will look amazing on any wall and make it seem professionally done!
  • Chalkboards, bulletin boards, and ribbon boards add life to the wall without causing too much hassle! They’re fun to keep around and are easily removed and swapped out for season!
  • We’ve given you this tip in a few different articles now, but lining the back of shelves with wallpaper or a color deeper than the walls gives a great effect! Try it out in your home to add depth or to inspire your guests.
  • Add texture to walls by adding different types of paneling! Across the horizontal of the wall is our favorite stylish way to contrast with the flatness.
With these ideas you can transform any plain wall into a gorgeous inspiration for the whole family! Try them out in any room that needs an extra flare, and share with us on our Facebook page!
Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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