Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Valentine’s Day is nearing and we have just the gift giving guide for you to help you find the right gift for your loved one.

Come Fly With Me…

Sites like make it as easy as a click of a button to buy a planned out vacation for two. Go somewhere romantic – somewhere that maybe they’ve been talking about for a while. You can do a small vacation, like a weekend in a nearby city, or a big one like a month long tour through Europe. Who doesn’t like a getaway?

Bottoms Up!


A nice bottle of wine is almost always an appropriate gift and it can work great as an add-on gift to a nice meal, a picnic basket for two, or some personalized wine glasses. Chateau St. Michelle is certainly a great place to start looking. There are plenty of options for people who like things besides wine too. There is a really awesome home whiskey aging kit available through Woodinville Whiskey Company – a gift that will keep on giving.

Where the Magic Happens…

Bedroom set

Without going into any graphic details (like they do in this article!) let’s just say that the bedroom can play an important part in Valentine’s Day for some. A nice gift might be a new Verona bed or maybe the Pacifica 3 Piece Collection. Or even just some nice new bamboo sheets would be a good additional gift (don’t have it be your only gift!).

Another great option would be handmade pillows with “love notes” on them. Etsy has tons of options so you should be able to find one that is absolutely perfect for your Valentine. You will want to make sure that the maker can get it to you by Valentines Day since sometimes Etsy makers can get overwhelmed with big orders.

If Blings Their Thing…

Shop fun jewelry, charms and engravables

Jewelry is a solid go to choice for any occasion. With a company like Stella and Dot, you are able to get some one on one help picking out the perfect piece of jewelry for your Valentine. It is just like walking into a jewelry store except you can do it from your computer (makes surprise gifts easier!). For guys, a quick search for cufflinks on is going to bring up so many awesome options. Whether they are a fan of Breaking Bad or comic books or their home town, there should be a pair of cufflinks that is “so them”.

Isn’t Love Grand!

Air Ballon

Here’s your chance to wow him/her! Think of the most romantic date you’ve ever been on or heard about or seen on TV. Now try and top that. Maybe that means coordinating a hot air balloon ride to land in the middle of a football field while a marching band plays “your song” and rose petals are thrown at your feet by children dressed up as cupid. Hopefully not but if so, please take video of it. But whatever it is, just let it be grand.

When All Else Fails…

Really, this is just a gigantic circle-shaped brownie surrounded by graham cracker awesomeness. © 2013 Sugar + Shake

As they say classics are classics for a reason. Chocolate and flowers are always welcomed. But at the very least try to be creative with these too. To some, receiving a box of Russell Stover’s chocolates and a grocery store bouquet is worse than no gifts at all. What about homemade brownies (try this complicated but delicious recipe!) or take a floral arranging class (or watch a bunch of videos online) and make a beautiful and personal display.

So now that we’ve shared our suggestions for gifts this Valentine’s Day go out and wow him or her. Love needn’t be bottled up this time of year!

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