Update About Giveaways at Epoch Design

Epoch Design is unique in many ways such as in the way we regularly giveaway amazing high quality furniture. We've made some changes to our website in the way we feature the giveaways and we've made some small changes in how the giveaways and contests are run as well. Please take a chance to look through these changes.

The Giveaways are now prominently featured on our front page and you can also get to them from the top drop down menu (hover over "About" and you'll see giveaways down the list).


Our giveaways page now features info on the latest giveaway as well as pictures from past winners (people can post pics to Facebook, Instagram, etc and use the hashtag #epochwinners). We love hearing back from winners! We've also updated the Official rules and terms. Now past winners are eligible to win giveaways again as long as they review our product on our website or on Costco.com.

laura weaver

Posted by laura weaver

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