TV Storage 101

We decorate our bedrooms, dining rooms, offices, and even bathrooms, so why shouldn’t our television share some of the glory? We tend to get lazy with this feature and just leave them lying around on an old table…Finding the cheapest setting for them is one way to go, but finding the right setting is another. Why not give your TV somewhere that looks like it belongs in the room? Find a console that fits your style and your house, then learn to decorate it in the same way and make a statement!

For homes with a eco-friendly flare, this console is perfect. It’s a classic design that matches any room’s look but it gives off that “green” vibe that we’re all striving for with the new trend! The sustainable giant bamboo is great for the environment and gives you a unique look. The grain’s texture will add to your room’s decor and show off your pro-green personality! Decorating with fresh colors like greens, whites, and blues will give off a great, clean vibe! Keep it earthy by surrounding your television with plants.

Darker consoles are better with an antiqued look. While looking more sophisticated, they still maintain the modern element! If you already have a room occupied by dark stained wood, this one is a great addition! It’s our favorite! Giving plenty of room to hide gaming consoles, it’s great for families. We love the dark look to create a warmer environment that makes guests feel more at home! Try decorating with royal golds, deep reds, and creamy whites for a gorgeous color scheme! Draping a table runner on it will give you a look fit for a king!

Similar to the first option we gave you, this console features light wash bamboo. It’s eco friendly, but has a more modern look to it! Perfect for the contemporary house, you can decorate this one up in almost any color for a great look! Try deeper colors to contrast with the light wood, or use lighter ones to make the room look larger! The creativity on a console like this is endless!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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