The Perfect Haunted House

It’s almost that time of year when witches, warlocks, wizards, and werewolves roam the streets in search of thrills and candy. Prep for this thrilling holiday with a haunting household sure to put anyone in the trick or treating spirit! Your kids will love to help you Halloween-ize the house, and they’ll be dying to show off their festivities to their friends. With these easy decorating ideas, you’ll have the perfect spooky aura without the normal holiday hassle!

Fill some vintage looking glass jars with water, and add a little yellow food coloring for a spooky tint. Just add a few exotic plants to the mix and you’ll have your own specimen jars fit for an eerie science lab! Leave a couple of these mysterious elixirs around the house or on your doorstep to give the trick or treaters a second thought about entering the home…

Turn an old bed sheet into a rugged tablecloth for a change. We’re all tired of seeing the same cartoony plastic tablecloths! Just rip the edges to get rid of the finished seam and add as many wrinkles as possible. The frayed look will fit in perfectly with the theme!

Step up our DIY silhouette lamp shade and use bats on the inside. This subtle change shifts its sophisticated creative look to a creepy one. Perfect for front door lighting to cast bat shadows on all your visitors! Add a few scary silhouettes above your candles to cast even more shocking shadows.

Playing off the silhouette theme, add black cutouts of lurking figures and ghosts to the inside of your curtains to give the neighborhood a scare from the outside!

Add the classic cobwebs to your décor, inside and out. If you don’t have any and you’re running late on your décor errands, make your own! Use a hot glue gun to create the glue strings we all hate, and put them to use by weaving them around your decorations.

When you want to add a sinister glow to your elegant white upright candles, light a red candle above them allowing the wax to drip down the sides and create the illusion of blood. Once the red wax dries as you wish, light the white candles around the house!

If you’re as excited about Halloween as we are, leave us a comment below with your favorite way to decorate for this spooky occasion!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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