The Little Black Dress of Furniture – Designing Around Staple Pieces

Most women heed the great advice of keeping a simple black dress on hand (and for men it’s the navy blue suit). The wisdom behind this is that the black dress is great for almost any occasion and can be worn to a casual dinner party, a fancy gala, a wedding, a funeral, a graduation, a meeting with the principal, a… you get the idea. Getting yourself a high quality black dress or a well tailored navy suit is a solid investment in something that you can wear throughout different fashion trends and different points in your life. The key is that the accessories mix and match to fit your mood and/or the situation. A timeless pearl necklace works for a funeral but a white hat might make that wedding ensemble more vibrant.  A black tie can be swapped for a stylish pocket square to make the suit more casual too.


This advice can also be fittingly appropriate for your home décor. In your bedroom, for example, a solid wood bed in a neutral color and design can last you a lifetime. It can work in a beach themed room, an Italian villa or a Zen retreat. The accessories around it rotate – the pillows, the bedding, the lamps, the artwork on the wall – but that beautiful bed will seamlessly work in each room type. It’s an expense you don’t have to worry about and it’s also something that will always maintain that sense of familiarity for you when you relax in your bedroom. Find a fantastic bed and you can “dress” it up to “suit” your wants and needs for a lifetime.

The little black dress of furniture

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