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Epoch Design is based in the Seattle area and we are mostly all Seahawks fans and feel a strong connection to the team. In fact if you come into our showroom you will be greeted by a Seahawks floor mat and if it's Blue Friday there will be some Seahawks gear being worn. We are extremely excited for the upcoming season as our team defends their Superbowl title!


Seattle’s Superbowl run last season was a team effort for sure, but two areas that the team excelled above all others were Corners and Safety. It just so happens that those are two areas in which Epoch Design excels too. Our corners are as solid as Richard Sherman but talk a lot less trash!

Epoch Design uses techniques that woodworkers have been using for thousands of years. The mortise and tenon joint is simple but also very strong. The tenon is cut in a specific shape that fits the mortise hole perfectly. When glued or pinned in it creates an extremely sturdy corner. The dovetail joint, used by ancient societies and still commonly used today, is valued for its strength and resistance to tension.


The two pieces needing to be connected are cut so that their ends interlock almost like a puzzle. All of the casegoods (dressers, nightstands, media consoles) also feature corner-blocking for added strength and stability.


Safety is such a big emphasis on our bunk beds, lofts and kid’s beds. We know that the beds will undoubtedly be jumped on.  Well, we’ve been making safe bunk beds since 1987; That's before Seahawks Safeties Earl Thomas (1989) and Kam Chancellor (1988) were even born!  Our bunks and lofts meet all CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commision) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) safety standards. Those same joints and corners that we just talked about are also a big reason why our furniture is so safe. They are built so solidly and with such care that a couple of offensive linemen could easily share an Epoch Design bunk bed, and maybe they do…

So we just wanted to explain one reason why we feel so connected to the Seahawks – because of our shared emphasis on Corners and Safety – and to hopefully get you excited for the upcoming season and for any furniture purchases in your future. Go Hawks!

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