The Benefits of Bamboo

Wood furniture is universally popular among households. The look, feel, and sustainability factor attracts millions of customers. Of course we love wood furniture, after all, what's not to love? Although that classic look will never be replaced in our hearts, we're picking up on the newest trend too– bamboo, bamboo, and more bamboo! Why? This newly popular style is great for many reasons; it's eco-friendly, stylish, and sustainable! Demand for this dream furniture increases all the time. Read on for more about this resourceful discovery…

We've already talked to you about the new trending style of earth friendly furniture. Not only is the look of organic textures in, but the idea of "going green!" Homes with earthy decor and natural themes will always look classy and down-to-earth. Your home says a lot about who you are, so go for this effortless beauty if it fits your style! The light tan color and the soft grain will look delicate in any home.

We bet you're wondering what all this hype about bamboo being great for you and the environment. Bamboo is a type of grass that's extremely sturdy and grows to its full height in about a year. This fast growth allows manufacturers to use it almost endlessly! Unlike a tree, when you cut down a shoot of bamboo they grow back immediately– as much as 2 feet a day! It renews like no other substantial material, and prevents us from needing to cut down more trees than we already do. Bamboo roots are strong and stabilize the ground it grows in, preventing erosion in the surface. The stalks themselves take in greenhouse gasses and in return produce oxygen, even more efficiently than trees.

Many underestimate the strength of bamboo, writing it off because it's a type of grass. The truth is, bamboo is more durable than even traditional oak. It's impressive strength and durability allows us to create sustainable furniture that will last you generations of constant use. And, unlike most woods, bamboo won't shrink or swell under any conditions, and when laminated it becomes comparable to soft steel.

Now for those of you prone to arranging and rearranging your furniture, more good news! Bamboo is a great material for mobile furniture because it's extremely light compared to the average wood. Now, if we've sparked your interest in bamboo, check out our Niko and Nara collections, both made from giant bamboo!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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