Sweet Dreams, Inc.

Monsters, Inc. is just one in a string of recent newborn Disney classics that nobody can resist. This charming tale of big eyes, pony tails, and huggable bedtime boogie monsters is sure to be a favorite of both grown ups and kids alike. I mean, who can resist sweet, little Boo gently calling out for dear “Kitty” and “Mike Wazowski.” So how can you create the perfect place for your little angel to dream night after night? How about recreating Boo’s cutesy pink bedroom like so…

A children’s white furniture set is perfect for this theme. Boo had a cute white sleigh bed all to herself (just like this one) but if you’ve got multiples, you might want to look into a matching bunkbed! And desks are a must for children’s bedrooms –if you have a younger child that loves to doodle, try out an art desk just like Boo’s! Of course if you’re thinking more grown up, use a matching white desk like this one that will grow right along with your little Boo.A blue and white-checkered carpet covered Boo’s floor; we found a similar one here! To finish the look, paint the walls a simple pink color just like this–

Lastly, if you want a matching door to Boo’s, simply freehand purple and pink flowers just like the messy done-at-home door she has! The rest of Boo’s room is filled with her toys and drawings, but we’re pretty sure you can leave this to your kids!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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