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Here at Epoch Design, we want to connect with you in every way! We work our hardest to maintain multiple channels across all the social media platforms we can, so informing you of all our latest is as convenient as possible. We love to here your feedback and get to interact with you! On these channels you'll be able to find great new deals, get the latest giveaway notifications, and get access to a ton of fun projects, videos, and guides! From Facebook to Twitter to Youtube and even Pintrest, you'll find Epoch Design actively participating in every way we can! If there's another network you'd like us to reach you in for more convenience, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you!

Those of you who visit our blog regularly already know exactly how frequently we hold furniture giveaways! To be sure you always know when there's free furniture in your area, follow us on all of these channels!

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