Stark White Bedroom – Summer Inspired Interior Design

Well, as you may recall, I have been very excited about the arrival of summer. And while I still am… it's hot guys. It has been 85 with some intense sun around here and many of my Pacific Northwestern coworkers came in with a red glow. I've brought out all of the fans and yet still at night it can be difficult to sleep. And apparently sleeping in cool temperatures is better for you. But I'm not here to complain. It is gorgeous around here and those bright red, sunburnt faces beautifully frame wide toothy grins.

What I am here to do is share a mood board that is inspired by the idea of a “cool” bedroom. Just looking at this design makes it easier to sleep. The crisp white sheets and the cool air flowing from the fans are precisely what my bedroom makeover is calling for.


ngoc cao

Posted by ngoc cao

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