Snowy Winter Getaway Cabin: #WhatWeWouldWantWednesday

Some parts of the country are experiencing and probably want nothing more than to get away to somewhere tropical, sunny, and warm (may I suggest Kauai?). However, the beauty of snow and that calm stillness of winter is alluring and just some of the reasons why a winter cabin is what I would want. I’d be looking at a location that is close enough to a ski area but remote enough to be a quiet retreat. Glacier National Park is perhaps the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to so I’m going to put our imaginary cabin in a location near there. Montana, big sky country, it’s calling my name already.

Yellow park

An A – Frame cabin is ideal because I wouldn’t want to have to worry about possible problems related to snow accumulation on the roof. The shape of this style of home also leads to a pitched ceiling attic bedroom space which, for some reason, holds a lot of appeal to me. It’s not that I like the idea of accidentally hitting my head on the beams (because I’ve done that in A – Frames before) but the vaulted airy ceiling is the quintessential look to the winter cabin bedroom and is worth a few bumps on the head.


While not as tiny as our New York City Loft dream home, this cabin is going to be “cozy” and will require a bit of efficiency in regards to the use of space. The Cameron Trundle Bed is going to be a great option to use as a day bed in this cabin. This will function as a day time sitting area and a nighttime sleeping option for 2 guests.

Cameron Hardwood Trundle Bed

Please allow me to dream a bit extravagantly just for a moment. I would love the kitchen to be centered around a large wood burning oven like the one they have at the fantastic Seattle restaurant, The Whale Wins (you really should eat there if you haven’t). This type of oven might be impractical to bake in because heat regulation is hard to control, but it is oh so great for cooking meats, pizzas, and a whole delicious array of other foods.

photo credit: KQED Blog

This winter getaway cabin is supposed to be casual and informal and about relaxation. So we aren’t going to get too tied up with formalities like having a dining table. We want a really open floor plan where everyone is in the same room except for the upstairs attic bedroom (and the bathrooms are private of course). We would even consider building something like this coffee table we found on Instructables.We want a coffee table large enough to set out a dinner for 4 on. It has to have storage to put away the living room stuff when dinner time comes around. And it would need to be pretty easily cleanable. Surround that big coffee table with some poufs and floor pillows and you have a great space that functions both as dining area and gathering spot for board games or other family fun. For me that really is what a cabin trip means to me – the close family time and bonding.

Picture of Multifunction Coffe Table With Storage, Slide Out And Lift. Build From Euro Pallets

Another “necessity” for this cabin is going to be a little cedar sauna outside. Because sometimes that family time might get overwhelming and you need a steamy fortress of solitude to escape to for a little bit. Also, that feeling of getting out of a hot tub or sauna and being (temporarily) invincible to the freezing cold around you is so great.

We’d want to round out what’s in the cabin with a comfortable bed for the attic bedroom. Maybe a king sized Pacifica bed. And we’d want a big dresser so that we could leave some items behind in the cabin. But aside from those details, its more just about the idea of the cabin itself. We just want a place to get away from other outside distractions and just get some quality time with the ones we love. And that’s what we’re thinking about on #WhatWeWouldWantWednesday .

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