Small Space Smarties

Making the most out of the space you have is something that we talk about a lot here…We’ve already given you tips for maximizing space, and space saving techniques, but now we’re gonna give you a few simple ideas to utilize the space in new ways to make the most of what you have! So without further adieu, let’s take a look at a few ways that you can double the efficiency of space in your home…

Don’t look at your walls with a blank star — the walls are there to help you! Don’t be afraid to use hangers, hooks, and shelves for extra storage space. A  wooden grid wall unit looks cute and playful, or a metal one can look sophisticated and modern. Either way it allows you to store almost anything in space you would’ve otherwise been wasting! All the things you keep on your walls add up to space saved on the ground.

Replace the kitchen cabinets with a wall of tile or mirror to brighten up the room! Not only will it give a unique distortion that will make the area to seem bigger, but it’ll add an artistic edge to the room!

Rescale your decor so it mismatches…Use an oversized painting near a small coffee table. This uncoordinated sizing will make the room seem larger, and give it a cartoony feel without being childish– your guests won’t feel swallowed by your huge couch if you balance it out near a small window!

The illusion of space is all in the decor! Use neutral walls and neutral furniture with pops of color to appeal to the eye. Sleek geometric patterns that aren’t too latent are another way to add a modern feel creating the look of a larger space. Keep colors, shapes, and furniture in mind while decorating a small room! Using multi-functional furniture is another easy way to save room!

Transform your bedroom closet into a work space by simply adding a desk and installing curtains instead of a door. This is a great way to get your private thinking space, and quickly cover up the clutter for company! Another transformation to add storage beneath your stairs…Simply creating a nook fit for a bookcase is an easy way to create more space than you had before!

We hope a few of these ideas will help you out when looking for more room…Let us know your small space smarties in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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