Save Now Means Pay Later

Furniture shopping is one of those easily disputable topics that not everyone will ever agree on… Should you go with the cheaper alternative that isn’t made as well, or something more expensive that will last longer? When you put it in perspective the choice ends up being a lot easier, so here’s our take on the topic…

 When buying furniture on the lower end of the price spectrum from mass market manufacturers, you should keep in mind that you are most likely purchasing ‘temporary’ furniture. The prices are lower simply because it costs less to manufacture, for example, the raw materials are lower cost and therefore lower in quality, or perhaps lower cost, lower skilled labor was used to put the furniture together more quickly. Either way, the end results is that the furniture clearly has a shorter lifespan, and you end up spending more money in the long run having to buy replacements.

In addition, when you buy replacement furniture, not only are you needlessly spending more money than you need to, but you are also generating an unnecessary amount of waste. Worn, discarded furniture eventually ends up in landfills, and this can all be avoided by simply investing in good quality, lasting furniture.

At Epoch Design, we know that furniture that’s built to last respects both our resources and our environment, and that’s why each piece is crafted from only the finest materials with the utmost of care. We intend to create furniture that will stand the tests of both durability and style over time so that you can buy and decorate with a good conscience.

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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