Quick Wood Furniture Fixes

We find that in some cases people are afraid to buy nice, sustainable furniture because they don't want it to get ruined. Those of you prone to scratches, stains, and wood damage in general, this article is for you! If you care for your wood furniture properly, this isn't a problem. There are a few quick fixes that woill help you restore, mask, and maintain the gorgeous finish of your favorite new dresser or desk…

Scratches: If you're a frequent reader of our blog, then you already know our home solution to fixing wood scratches– walnut oil! Here's the post on that solution. Although the scratches can't physically be repaired, you can camouflage them in other ways. Shoe polish is a great way to hide cosmetic scratches in wood if you don't have walnut oil around.

Candle wax: Although it seems like a simple fix, candle wax is difficult to get off wood without ruining the finish! We find that using a credit card to scrape off dried wax works the best. Buff the excess with a cloth, and if its still warm cool it down with ice before starting this process.

Rings Left By Glasses: After the moisture from glasses are absorbed on your nice wood table (it happens to everyone!), the simple solution is just to re-wax and buff! Easy enough!

Fix a Wobbly Chair: Keep your old wine corks and slice them into pieces and use wood glue to steady uneven chair legs! They look cuter than felt ones you buy at stores, and they're super convenient!

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