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At Epoch Design we offer many different styles of beds and all of them are platform beds. There have been some questions that have come up recently around how platform beds are different and so we wanted to talk a bit about them.

Why do we make platform beds?

Our motto is “better by design” and we feel that platform beds are the better design for a bed. Without the need for a bulky box spring we can offer sleek and modern beds that play off of that clean profile. We can also create a more classic look simply with a different style of headboard. Many of our beds also utilize the underneath storage capabilities that a platform design offers. We even have beds that use that space to fit another bed!

Why don't these platform beds need a box spring?

Our platform beds use wood slats that go horizontally across the bed frame. Wood is used because it provides the proper amount of give and buoyancy but still soundly supports the mattress and additional weight. The slats also allow air flow to reach the mattress for proper circulation. The platform provides all that a box spring does without the additional bulk and piece. Bonus: When moving, it’s always the box spring that is hardest to get around corners and up stairs.

What kind of mattresses can I use with my platform bed?

The simple answer is any type of mattress you want. We are fans of latex mattresses but your standard coil mattress is going to give you a very comfortable night’s rest too. If using a memory foam mattress you may want to place a bunky board or sheet of plywood between the slats and the mattress.

Will it void my mattress warranty if I don’t use a box spring?

We’ve been hearing more concerns about voiding the mattress warranty and it is understandably confusing. The wording on most warranties is purposefully favorable to the manufacturer. On the warranties that we’ve read from Serta they specifically state that the warranty would be void without proper mattress care and usage under which they include the use of a box spring. However, we contacted their customer service directly and they responded, “A platform type of frame would be considered proper center support. So yes, you can use the mattress without a box spring/foundation as long as it is on the frames mentioned.” So, straight from the manufacturer, you can use a platform bed without fears of voiding your mattress warranty.

For Sealy, they have a picture of a platform bed on their warranty F.A.Q. page and it is listed as proper support for their mattresses.

Simmons states on their warranty page that they require you to use a “solid platform” on top of the slats if the space between the wood slats exceeds 2 inches (which is the case for our beds). Their customer service stated that a piece of plywood would serve as a “solid platform” that would comply with their warranty requirements. A bunky board would also work.

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