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Although we've given you plenty of ways to decorate throughout your home with your most cherished memories, there can never be enough, so here are a few more options for the cutesy-yet-inexpensive style of picture décor, so you might as well experiment while you can! Try out a few of our newest discoveries to show off your latest reminiscences and add some flair to your boring walls!{C}

Sleek and Modern

A simple DIY project to recreate the new modern trends will make any room look good! Gather your old CD cases and use them in a new creative way. Just crop your photos to 5 3/8 inches by 4 5/8 inches, add a cardboard backing, and pop them in the case! Attach them to the wall with Velcro or sticky tack and enjoy your new recycled picture mosaic! The sleek 3D effect will add a contemporary vibe and bring back your vacation nostalgia.

Shabby and Cute

Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest, décor included! If your style can't exactly be described by bold and bright, but it's not quite contemporary chic either, then this just may be the idea for you. Instead of using clichéd frames around the room, just leave them! Crisscross a few clotheslines along a blank wall and add clothespins. Displaying your pictures from this crafty creation is a great way to add an artsy, personalized touch to a bedroom, living room, or office!

 Vintage and Elegant

Turn a cutesy whimsical nightstand into a memory box table by sampling attaching a deep frame on the surface. This easy idea is a great way to display your favorite souvenirs, and leave a simple reminder of them every time you turn off your living room reading lamp!

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