Picture Perfect Decorating

We bring cameras everywhere we go to document our lives. We take the most memorable photos, but after the flash, what happens to the pictures? Some end up in old photo albums we never look at again, while others are stored and forgotten on our computers, but think again — why not turn your memory into a treasure? Decorate your home in your past, and personalize everything to the greatest extent! Photographs are the perfect way to create custom decor and the perfect photo finish for any room. 

  •  For a subtle photo accessory in the bedroom, try turning an old memory into a pillow or throw. These cozy touches are perfect for a cold autumn night, or a great way to brighten up the room! Every time you walk in the room you'll be reminded of your relaxing getaway.
  • To add a little fun to the bathroom, be original! Instead of using the same rubber ducky shower curtain that everyone else you know has, switch things up. Use a personal photo to customize the look of the entire bathroom, or find a graphic design to match the rest of your decor. These shower curtains are a great way to create a unique look in any home.
  • Take a photo into your local photo lab and blow it up to 36 x 48-inch size. After you have your super sized photo, cut it into 12 x 16-inch squares and frame them individually to create a mosaic. This modern twist on a photo poster will look great with any decor!
  • Personalized photo books, mouse pads, and calendars make great gifts and office decor! Create your own here, and use them to show your family off in the office, or give to a friend!
  • Canvas photo prints will never go out of style, and they will easily match any decor. There's just something so appealing about a sophisticated 3D photo. We think they look especially elegant with black and white photos!
As you can see the option for photo decor is endless! Try out a few of our ideas for gifts, or to embellish your own home! If you have any other creative ways to add your memories around the house, let us know in the comments below.
laura weaver

Posted by laura weaver

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