Peacock Bedroom

We’ve already given you the quickie how-to when creating a Vintage French bedroom, so here’s the next one on our Spring must-decorate list– Peacock! Yes this is an extremely bold and daring look for a room, but also a gorgeous one! Your guests will never forget the look of this room, and be envious of your guts in pulling it off. Just like a peacock, it’ll stand out against all other looks, and leave people in awe. For those of you brave enough to try out this brightly colored trend, keep reading on our guide to achieving this look in several ways!

Because the feathers create an eye-catching background for the peacock, this is what we want to create the look of our walls for. Pick any shade of green you’re comfortable with for your wall color, this can be anything from a pale olive green to a bright vibrant plant shade! Somewhere on a peacock’s feather you can find almost every shade, so don’t worry about this clashing with the rest of the theme! If you want to go all out on the feathery look, use different painting techniques to mesh together several shades, or add a peacock feathered pattern! With this wide variety of options, you’re sure to find the vibrance that fits your personality, and your bedroom.

Because your room will already be filled with so much color, use a deep coffee stained brown color for wood furniture that bring out the more neutral tones in peacock feathers. For a great set of deep brown furniture with a modern style that will add an even more unique look to the room, check out the Modeno collection. This is the perfect balance of simplicity to balance out your bold room!

As for the bedding, this should be the focus of the bedroom– the electric blue of a peacock that stands out among the stunning background. Finding a bed set that emphasizes this royal blue color, but still complements the green walls and brown furniture can be tricky– that’s what we’re here for! Our favorite set that we found is this Trina Turk Peacock bedding that perfectly matches our theme and is catered to this specific theme. The blues and greens in this bedding could not be more perfect for what we’re going for, and will look amazing against the deep brown Modeno bed!

For an extra pop of peacock, check out this duo chrome rug that can brighten up any room! For many people it may be a little overkill, but if you have the personality to pull it off, rock it! All you have to do is shop around for a few more peacock colored accents, and your room will be complete. Perfect for the Spring 2012 peacock trend. Happy decorating!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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