Paint-Free, Mess-Free

We've already given you a some tips on revamping your bedroom without the messy paint, but now that it's a year later, we have a few more ideas to add! We know that a lot of people really don't like the idea of painting their room every single time they feel like changing things up, which is exactly why we love sharing these tips with you! Paint can be messy, and way too much of a commitment, but color is an important element of any room. If you want to switch up the colors in your bedroom without getting to caught up in paint, keep reading because this post is for you!

  1. Dispersing a variety of colorful accessories to your room is the most obvious way to add color, because it draws attention exactly where you want it! You could pick bold colors that compliment for a nice and cohesive look, or clashing colors for a more edgy twist! The best part about this, is that the room is completely customizable. Down to color and function, each accessory will represent your style!
  2. One simple way to add some color to your room is by switching up your window panels! Add a bold pop of color through flawy curtains, or new shutters. Bringing the color to your window is a great way to bring the attention to your bold view!
  3. Bring some pattern into your room to give it dimension and color! Use an upholstered old piece of furniture, or an accent with a bold pattern to it. Either way, it'll catch the eye and give your room an entirely new look.
  4. Add some personality to your space by revamping old room accessories! Browse through DIY ideas on Pintrest, and get inspired! Changing up the look of a lamp shade or bulletin board should do the trick, just get creative with it.
  5. Another great way to add some color to your room is by adding a few decorative throw pillows in a new arrangement. This is an extremely easy way to change the look of your entire room, because they can be switched around as much as you want! Check out some discount stores for cute pillows (even designer) at a cheaper price.
  6. Flowers are a simple and gorgeous way to dress up any bland space! Fresh flowers give a new vibrant feeling to the room, while dried flowers give a very vintage look. Find a vase that stands out or makes a statement, and switch up the flowers every once in a while so you don't get bored with the look!
  7. Make color fully functional, by finding a bright piece that doubles as a storage unit. Look for modern ottomans with the ability to hold your knick knacks as well. These are a great piece for any bedroom, because they're completely mobile and can be hidden easily.
  8. Kick up the color in your room by adding a vibrant area rug that adds more personality to the room. This is another simple, non-permanent way to bring a color or pattern into the boring floor of your room. It may seem like something that'd be easily overlooked, but changes the entire feeling of a room.

We hope a few of these ideas help you bring some personality, or a new color palette to your room. Let us know which of these tips you gave a try in the comments below, and happy decorating!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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