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Our Top 10 Mood Boards – We've only had 10 so far 🙂

10 weeks ago we introduced a new weekly feature called Mood Board Mondays. We've gotten a great response on these and some people are finding them helpful as tools to inspire their interior design creativity. That is great and that is exactly what we hoped for. We wanted to show how a room can be planned around anything that you want. We've shown how to make a room around a certain movie, a certain time period, a certain place, a certain piece of art, and even a certain holiday drink. Really, we just want you to go and create a space that makes you happy.  A space that you enjoy going to bed at night in and that you enjoy waking up to in the mornings. Here's a review of our 10 mood boards so far.


Inspired by Disney's Frozen


Inspired by the yummy Pumpkin Spice Latte


Inspired by 1950's Hong Kong


Inspired by your favorite pair of blue jeans


Inspired by Alice in Wonderland


Inspired by the Pacific Northwest


Inspired by Great Gatsby style art deco


Inspired by The Invention of Hugo Cabret


Inspired by a vintage wine poster from Verona, Italy


Inspired by "haunting beauty"

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