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We love the idea of using the same piece of furniture to tie together different themes of rooms, which is exactly why we show you how to do it — first with the bed and bookcase, now the futon! This crafty two-in-one design will save you space, and add style to your room at the same time! Dress it up, dress it down, just make it yours. With these four ideas for fab futon looks, you'll have the perfect style in no time!


First thing's first, pick a modern futon that will fit any decor you want to dress up. This Englander Futon with a honey finish and white cushion is a great addition to any room. Although it already pulls out into a twin bed, with the option to add matching ottomans for sleeping use, you can create full-, love-, or queen-sized beds!

As always, we're throwing out the option for personalization! We love the idea of bringing memories back into the house and decorating with them, so the perfect way to add this to a futon? Photo pillows! These adorable custom pillows are a great conversation starter and bring back nostalgia from your favorite trips! When you make your own pillow, there's no way to go wrong. Use a personal photo or find a graphic you love to create your own personal design!

Think outside of the box for this next theme with a fun pillow that glows! This LED powered lighted glowing paw pillow is adorable. It's a cute touch to a playroom, or just a unique way to brighten up the room! Your kids will love to play around with these pillows during slumber parties (or power outages)!

Go classy with these elegant black and white pillows. A floral pattern like this will look great with the modern design of the futon. You can't go wrong with this sophisticated color scheme, and fashion forward pattern! Perfect for the fashionista of the family, or a living room. We love the idea of picking a subtle colored futon cushion, and a statement pattern pillow like this!

Last but certainly not least, go bold! Take a few steps out of your comfort zone with these wild fur pillows. None of your friends will be bold enough to try this trend, but they'll all admire your futon for it! With a few colors to choose from, you can do some great contrasted accent pillows! Edgy and girly at the same time, you'll be sure to make a statement with these.

Hopefully you found the perfect way to dress up your futon, and have it fit your style! Keep checking back for more from our Four Looks series, and leave your comments below!

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