One Dresser, Four Looks – Solid Wood Furniture

The last of our four looks series is here! Beds? Check. Bookcases? Check. Futons? Check. Last but not least, dressers! This common household furnishing is clearly overlooked more than it should be. Use your reliable dresser to add to the look of the room or create a statement! Add a hidden pop of color, or create a bold exterior for your dresser. Either way, there’s always some way to make it yours! Read on for our four new ways to dress up your dresser!{C}

To get the right look for you, you have to find the perfect dresser! Our favorite happens to be the dark finished Gabriel 4-Drawer Dresser shown above. It’s sleek modern edges and deep colors leave the decor open to a variety of styles and themes! This dresser can easily be changed and decorated to fit any room’s decor and anyone’s personality.

Keep things creative while decorating your dresser, and give this boring piece of furniture an unexpected surprise. A trendy way to do this? Wallpaper the inside! Most people venture to painting or covering the exterior in wallpaper, but we think you should switch it up. By covering the inside of the drawers in your favorite colors/patterns, you add a hidden surprise to the furniture without making the outside seem too juvenile or out of date.

Dressing your dresser tip #2: hang something on top! But no, try to avoid the oh-so-cliched simple mirror! If you’re gonna add a mirror, go big! If not, get creative! For a kid’s room or pre-teen, try using mirrored decals. These stars are a great addition to the room, and still give you the reflective look a normal mirror would!

 Instead of the classic dresser decor, add some pillows! As crazy as it sounds, adding cute smaller pillows that fit your style to the top of this dresser will create a soft warm vibe for the room. This is the perfect trend to try while fall and winter are approaching! We’d love to see this girly cream accent pillow contrasted with the deep coffee wood! It’s the perfect combination of messy/frilly and sleek.

For those of you who just love to show off your gorgeous family every chance you get, we know you want to add photos! Keep this classic look but in an unexpected manor by finding cute frames that fit your style. This photo frame wall clock is one of our favorites! Check out this site for a few more photo options…

If you have any other creative ways to decorate your dresser,we’d love to hear it, so tell us below!

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