Neon Bedrooms

The sun is up, the sky is blue, and we're already psyched for summer! In addition to the warm weather and stress-free days of fun, summer comes with an endless array of bold new trends! One of our favorite home decors trend for the upcoming season is definitely neon. Now there are several ways that this neon trend is perfect for a home bedroom, but we're gonna show you a quick few of our favorites. Whether you want to carry out this trend subtly, or make a statement, we're here to make that job easier. Keep reading for unique ways to add some neon to your bedroom!{C}{C}

One of the most common ways to incorporate the neon trend in your bedroom would be a blank white canvas with pops of color! This is an extremely popular way to use a neon accent as an attention grabbing accessory for your clean and modern room. For a sleek and simple trend like this, check out the Nara collection. This clean and contemporary furniture will add the perfect edge to your brightly colored bedroom. As for your neon accent, choose your favorite of the bold colors– neon green, pink, and orange are always popular choices!

If you still want those blank white walls, but a more unique look, then check out the photo above! This is an amazing way to set up a bedroom, and although you might not be able to realistically achieve this exact look, the idea of neon lights is a great one! Install a few bulbs along the walls of your wall, or a simple strip of them, and get a similar look to this one. The neon lights reflecting on white walls will give an amazingly unique look that can catch anyone's eye!

Now for those of you bold enough to pull it off, go all out neon! Paint three walls your favorite neon color, then splatter paint the last wall as an accent. This creative look will give the perfect artsy feel, but still incorporate the popular trend! Of course with all of these ideas you'll need to find the perfect neon bed set, but this should be no problem! Just keep your eyes peeled for the bright eye-catching set that matches perfectly with your bold theme.

If you try this neon look in your room, let us know and share some photos with us! We love to hear about your bedroom masterpieces!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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