Monthly Cleaning Checklist

Some of us have mastered the art of house cleaning– every month, on the dot, thorough wipe-down of the entire house. Others of us…haven’t. Monthly cleaning is hard to keep track of, not frequent enough to become a habit but not uncommon enough to get away with easily. Not to worry! If you keep a running list of things you need to do once a month, you’ll be much better off! Here’s what we keep on our monthly to-clean list, and our “green” suggestions!

  1. Stove: For all you at home chefs that need a fresh and clean surface to start stewing up masterpieces on, make your own stove cleaner with this recipe we found!
  2. Windows: We guarantee your windows are full of sticky fingerprints and dirt after a month, so try out our glass cleaner recipe to create a chemical-free product that’s perfect for windows!
  3. Mirrors: After a month of using mirrors regardless of whether you touch them or not, it’s time for a thorough wipe down! Ou DIY glass cleaner works just as well on mirrors!
  4. Kitchen Trash: Although we take out the trash all the time, sometimes we forget to clean the container… Do it once a month to keep the smell minimal and using a multipurpose cleaner like this one, and de-stinkify the kitchen with our DIY air fresheners!
  5. Refrigerator: It doesn’t take long to do a quick cleaning in the fridge, but it sure does help! Just add a little baking soda to warm water and wipe the compartments of your drip pan. Using a mild detergent will help too! While your at it, clean out expired food or anything you won’t get around to eating that just takes up room.
  6. Blinds: Run a dusting cloth through the slots of your blinds once a month to get rid of dust and pet dander that causes allergies!
  7. Curtains: Use a handheld vacuum and a soft brush attachment to clean out your curtains monthly, just make sure it’s set on low suction!
  8. Phones: Something people forget to do all the time, wipe down your phones! They carry a ton of germs that are bound to cause a family virus eventually!
  9. Doorknobs: Along the same lines as cleaning your telephone, just run disinfectant wipes over your doorknobs once a month to get rid of the yucky bacteria that your kids have been bringing home from school everyday!
Download and print our checklist to hang on your fridge or bulletin board here!
Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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