Modeno Storage Bed: a Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: The Modeno Full Storage Bed

Being one of the few products on our website that has an animated graphic showing how it works, the Modeno storage bed might not need a spotlight. But this is such a cool bed and unfortunately a lot of people (anyone not in the Seattle area) aren't able to see it in person.

I remember that, as a teenager, my most favorite method for cleaning my room – shoving as much clutter as possible underneath my bed and using a long blanket to drape over – was not my mother's favorite method for cleaning my room. It got the job done but it did lead to a lot of my stuff getting "lost" and it also created an intricate series of tunnels for dust bunnies to travel through.

This parent/child battle over room cleanliness happens everyday all over the world. It stems from more than just a difference in preference too. This is just one way that children are exploring boundaries and figuring out that awkward path toward adulthood.We're not here to say we have an answer that is going to solve fights with teens and their parents or that we can make the process of growing up any less awkward. However, the Modeno Full Storage Bed is a nice piece of furniture that allows for easy decluttering that can make both the parents and children happy. The storage bays on the side are large enough to cram a lot of clutter (and angst) in but they could also be used to neatly organize any prized possessions.

Modeno Full Storage Bed

Not only is this bed useful but it is also very easy to assemble. The Modeno Full Storage Bed arrives as 3 fully assembled storage bays, a head board and a slat bundle. From there it is just a matter of making a rectangle with those pieces and joining them together. There are also adjustable levelers on the bottoms of each piece so that the bed will be nice and flush with the ground. Then throw the slat bundle on there and screw them down with a power drill. Now it's all ready for a mattress and that's it (if only parenting were that easy)!

This Modeno bed, like the other Modeno pieces, is made of Radiata pine and finished in a dark espresso color. The head board is Radiata veneers over MDF for lasting structure. The corners throughout this piece utilize dovetail joinery. It is all in all a very well built bed.

Modeno Full Storage Bed Spec

Now that I've been thinking about this bed more, I think it would be great for me as an adult too. In fact, as an adult I have amassed more stuff than I had when I was a teen – more clutter to feed the Modeno. This bed really is just a terrific way to keep any room stylishly organized and that is why we've spotlighted it today.

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