Maximizing Small Spaces in Kids Bedrooms

Utilizing the space of a small bedroom is beyond important, especially if it’s a shared bedroom! This generation, smaller homes are becoming more popular among most people…Using multi-functional furniture is usually the best way to cut down on space-hogging appliances– why take up more space than needed? Depending on your style, here are a few ways to maximize the entire bedroom space!

Bunkbeds: The best space-saver for a shared room! Perfect for the dilemma of not fitting two beds in one room. If a twin sized bed just isn’t gonna cut it for those larger kids, you might want to check out twin-over-full bunkbeds! Quick idea to create a unique and fun bunk bed– add a slide to the top bed so there’s no need to climb down!

Loft Beds: If you’re looking for space-saving tips in a single child’s bedroom, loft beds might just be the answer! If you aren’t familiar, a loft bed is a desk/storage space and bed that only takes up the space of one!

Under Bed Storage Drawer: Knowing kids and their tendencies to shove everything under the bed when it’s “clean up time,” this under bed storage drawer will at least keep it all organized! This is a perfect alternative to a dresser or drawers, but it takes up no extra space.

Rolling Media Cart: Carts like these are perfect for the gamer, avid TV watcher, or any kid that hates throwing things away! Everything is perfectly organized, and it can be doubled as a desk.

We hope this helps you design a space-efficient bedroom that still looks great!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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