iWant a Bedroom Like Carly’s!

Ask any girl between the ages of 5 and 15 what iCarly is, and they'll be sure to tell you! This Nickelodeon show is sure to be one of your kids' favorites. For Carly's birthday on the show, she got every tween girl's dream bedroom. There's not one viewer of iCarly who wasn't wishing she had that room when she saw it! Her bright colors and cute decor creates the perfect palace for the girly girl that'll stay cool even as they get older! The colors and feel of Carly's room are similar to this 80's themed mood board. To get the same "sweet as candy" look that Carly's bedroom displays, or just an adorable girly theme in general, keep reading!

Although it's hidden beneath her brightly colored sheets and accessories, make sure you have a modern light wash wood bed just like Carly! A bamboo bed in this style is a great one for a funky room like hers, it's the perfect match to balance out brighter accessories and eye catching decor. Carly's exact bedding is called Birdcage and was found at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but any bright pink and purple modern design should do the trick! Now although we can't all have a trampoline at the foot of our bed waiting for us to jump in, this shaggy purple area rug will give you the same effect and add a pop of color to any boring carpet color!

Having brightly colored walls is a must, a medium purple tone is what Carly used! Spice it up with this power pole wall sticker just like Carly's, and add a hanging light bulb sticker to get the same look as hers! Another fun way to brighten up the look is use glue bright stones to the border of your wall. This is an easy way to give your look the "sweet as candy" theme that she has!

I'm sure by now you've noticed the candy land look Carly has going; it's adorable! Using candy themed decor will be sure to give your room the same look. If you're dying to know where that ice cream sandwich bench came from, we found one here! She also decorates with this gummy bear "candelier" that just adds a bright glow to the room. Add a few giant gummy bear lights on shelves above your dresser just like Carly did, and even the same cupcake tin table!

Using a sleek desk like this one with bright accessories is also very Carly! Just be sure to pick up your favorite candy accessories and brightly colored lighting to give you the perfect look! Make your own silhouette lampshade using our DIY guide, and the bedroom is finished! Now you have a bright, bold and wild bedroom (sort of the opposite of the understated Frozen bedroom decor we shared here). Let us know what you think about Carly's bedroom!

Get even more detail and direct links to Carly's bedroom decor from our Pinterest board!

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