Hunger Games Capitol Bedroom

Calling all Hunger Games fanatics, once again! We already showed you how to create the perfect Mockingjay bedroom, but for those of you who loved the modern edgy look of the Capitol– this guide is for you! We couldn't resist creating another bedroom guide for the sleek and modern side of this series represented by the Capitol. If you enjoyed the futuristic look of this modern pop-culture city, you'll love the guide we put together for you! This bedroom is perfect for a more mature Hunger Games audience. For those of you interested in how our Capitol Bedroom turned out, keep reading!

Start off your Capitol bedroom with a blank canvas of neutral walls. Cooler neutrals ranging between white and deep gray will give your room the best modern look to match the Capitol's, but any natural tone will do the trick! Geometric wall decor is a great way to add unexpected accents to the room without overdoing things! Check out this abstract wall hardware for a unique look that gives your walls amazing dimension. Furniture wise, look for sleek cut edges that give a contemporary look to your bedroom. Check out our Modeno collection for the perfect Modern look, without being too boring! We love how the dark wood will contrast against any cool tones you choose to paint the walls, and it gives the same feel as a bedroom in the Capitol would!

Now that you have the basics finished, it's time to finish off the bedding! A sleek and solid color would work well with this theme, to keep things simple and "futuristic". When going with a solid, try mixing up colors with different pillow cases and sheets. This will still give the same effect, while keeping things from getting too boring. Check out this Ralph Lauren bedding for a great alternative with a similar contemporary look. It'll brighten up the room if you chose a darker neutral, or give a sleek blank look if the walls are still bright. For a girlier touch, add this sheer canopy to the top of any bedding.

Now that all the basics are covered, continue to decorate the bedroom with more modern accents! Look for sleek clocks, books, and lamps to keep up with the contemporary Capitol Theme. Let us know how your Capitol bedroom turned out, and once again, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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