Home Design Tricks to Make Your House Look Bigger

As a homeowner, it’s only natural to accumulate more and more things into your living space as time goes by. Because of this, it’s a common misconception that more room is the only solution to the problem. Truth be told in most cases, it’s not the square footage itself, but more so the utilization of the square footage. Things like unnecessarily big couches, awkwardly-shaped tables, and even poor color coordination can all tie-in together to produce an unpleasant flow that forces you to assume that your space is seemingly smaller than it ought to be.

Never fear! There are an abundance of tips and tricks that can implemented that can help your cause. Sometimes a solution can be as simple as de-cluttering the small, loose items you have laying around, or even by just moving the placement of your furniture to better suit the natural flow of the space. It is also a smart idea to consider the room colors (particularly in regards to furniture and paint) and lighting since both are vital in giving the illusion of more space.. But we’ll touch more on that later…

If you’re looking to go easy on the budget and are looking to rectify this problem, then pay close attention to some of these amazing tips and ideas that will not only free up some of that much-needed space in your home, but will also do double duty by livening up the entire look and aesthetic of your home.

Put a Mirror on the Wall

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Verona Mirror by Epoch Design

And though it’s the oldest trick in the book, don’t shy away incorporating a mirror somewhere in your desired space. Professional establishments like restaurants are well-aware of this and in the eyes of their customers, it makes the room much more full. Essentially, what mirrors can accomplish are the illusion of more space by reflecting focal points of the room and in some cases, helping to distribute more natural light into the area.



Hang Pictures in Far-away Rooms

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That’s an overkill but you get the point!


This one is a subtle, yet smart trick – particularly with homes that have a bit more of an open concept. Try finding a spot on the wall that is nice and visible from a neighboring room. Hang your picture frame in such a way that it can be seen from the next room, and it subconsciously tricks the mind into thinking that the area is bigger than it actually is. Best of all, no extra costs are needed to implement this… Just a keen eye and some good ol’ fashioned ingenuity.




Install Larger Windows

This is the reason why newer downtown apartments tend to have floor-to-ceiling windows. The open visibility ushers in natural light on a grander scale, filling your space with a more noticeably Image result for install large windowsopen-feel. When you think about below-ground basement suites, it’s always tough to showcase the true space properly with little-to-no natural lighting shining through. Humans, by nature, are drawn to light coming in from the outdoors so if you have a little bit of money in your budget, this is the perfect investment.

If you want to take things a step further, it might be worth it to apply this same strategy for your home’s exterior. A gorgeous solution would be to install glass balustrades on your patio or balcony to help clear any visual obstructions, giving you and your guests the pleasure of enjoying a much better view of the surrounding landscape.

Make Smart Paint Color Choices

Image result for painting wallsGenerally, if you want to paint your walls to help your initiative of creating more space, start by painting the trim and molding a lighter color than the main portions of the wall. What this does is it creates a certain depth in the room, making the walls appear slightly further away than the trim. Again, this is a subtle trick, but when complied with all the other small adjustments previously mentioned, it adds up to make a huge difference!

Implement Built-in Furniture

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This is another smart idea that truly displays the power of good design. Whether it be for shelving and storage, a desk, or additional seating, numerous customized solutions are available to fit into any type of space out there. Something as simple as shelves built into the wall, or a bench that contains a hollowed bottom for storage… All of these serve to save you a ton of square footage. The possibilities here are endless and limited to only the imagination.



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